Who we are

‘To create a centre of excellence to reconnect our communities to their heritage and environment’

Discover Filey Development Trust Ltd is a non profit making company with board members from a wide variety of backgrounds. None of the board are paid, all of us are local volunteers . Our vision is to create a centre of excellence,which will reconnect our  communities to their heritage and environment. Working towards that end, we have worked with funding from the European LEADER CWWW programme to produce this website and in 2012  delivered a package of school, family and community activities based on our natural environment and heritage.Working with a growing group of volunteers including local  students , we aim to continue and develop these activities into 2013 and beyond.

The next phase of our work is to deliver an eco build centre on Filey’s Country park, with grant funding applications starting in 2013. The concept is far more than a heritage or visitors centre, we are aiming to create a centre which offers an all weather, all season facility for all parts of the community and visitors. The hub of two long distance footpaths and with thousands of visitors each year, the Country Park is an ideal location for this development. Offering easy access facilities for all sections of the community, visitors and schools  the centre will provide a vital resource for interpreting Filey Bay’s unique natural heritage and environment. Activities we wish to facilitate and encourage include walking, running, cycling, sailing, kayaking, birdwatching, art, astronomy, outdoor events and nature study.

Focusing on an emergent Nature Tourism industry which is already bring millions of pounds each year  into the local area, the centre will complement a range of coastal facilities including the RSPB Centre at Bempton, a newly built ‘Living Seas’ centre at South Landing, Flamborough and the Dinosaur Coast Project at Scarborough. Filey is a low wage and seasonal economy and we believe that a project founded on our natural and heritage assets will extend the tourist season and increase local training and job opportunities.


The photographs on our pages were taken by local people and are copyright (all rights reserved):

Ian Robinson – Wildlife and bird photographs – Val Flanagan , Chris Clarke – Underwater Wildlife  – General Shots – Robert Briggs