“Sea,cried Canute, “I command you to come no farther! Waves, stop your rolling, and do not dare to touch my feet!”  James Baldwin the Book of virtues.

We locals we are still constantly amazed at how many visitors (including schools) forget to consider the tide times. There is an apocryphal local story of a woman who made a day visit one year  when the tide was out. The following  year she visited when the tide was in and made the comment she was never coming back, ‘because someone had taken the beach away’.

Filey is not Morecambe Bay and generally the tides are gentle and predictable with very safe beaches. Places to be wary are:

  •  Reighton – has sand bars , the tide can creep behind cutting you off from the beach
  • Under Bempton Cliffs – A litter of boulders, with no escape route if you break an ankle
  • The end of Filey Brigg (the tide can creep behind you) and the Cliffs to the North.
  • Contrary to the popular belief of lemmings and some visitors, it is not possible to walk along the beach from Scarborough to Filey.

We cannot take any responsibility for these comments, they are an overview only. if you are in doubt please contact the Coastguard, Lifeboat Station or lifeguards who can you provide you with definitive information on the date of your visit.


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