Filey already a delightful and attractive spot, possesses every facility for improvement, and bids fair to become a wateringplace of some celebrity. It contains many good lodging-houses, and excellent hotels. The sands are, beyond question, the finest on the east coast, and extend for a distance of five miles. The cliffs are lofty, and very curiously indented, and containĀ  many relics of a former world, especially in the Speeton clay. Its natural ridge of rocks, extending about half a mile into the sea, is perfectly dry at low water, and affords to the visitor a pleasant promenade, from which he has a good view of Scarborough to the north, with its venerable castle towering in grandeur, the ocean rolling its waters at his feet, and stretching to the east till it appears to unite with the horizon; whilst to the south, Flamborough rears its majestic head.

Flamborough Head, Speeton Cliffs, and other neighbouring places, are never failing sources of enjoyment to the lover of the sublime and beautiful. A little to the north of the town the sands are
strewed with pebbles, among which we may mention the agates as being particularly numerous and fine, whilst the whole neighbourhood is rich in objeets claiming the attention of the geologist.

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