The wreck of the Bonhomme Richard has been described as the last great wreck to be discovered, in the same league as the Titanic, Bismarck or Lusitania. The ‘Bonhomme’ is a name lknown to most American school children and very few English ones. Huge amounts of finance and resources have been spent by two American Groups and in 2008 the American government even committed a Nuclear powered research submarine, the NR1 to search our local seabed.Could it be that a small group of amateur divers, the Filey Underwater Research Group, have already found the wreck ? Read the Full Story in a National Geographic Article, quotes from which appear below:

The Ocean Technology Foundation

“….. when you run this mountain of data through a supercomputer… , you come
up with the Bonhomme Richard’s sinking a good many miles out to sea, not in Filey Bay.’

Clive Cussler’s Group

“The wreck, wherever it may be,\will be found well offshore. “It just seems too hard to believe that the Bonhomme Richard could havesomehow drifted back into Filey Bay, and not only that but sunk within full view of town without anybody seeing it.”

 The Filey Underwater Research Group

“There is in fact nothing in any written records or local folklore of a ship like the Filey wreck sinking anywhere near the coast—except for one, the Bonhomme Richard. A ship that gets into trouble off Flamborough Head will drift into Filey every time,” Adams says. “Anybody around here can tell you that. We know how the tides work. We have to. After all, it’s our livelihood, and in real life they just don’t flow the way those computer models say they do.”’

Do you believe in the power of Supercomputers and academic historical research or in generations of local knowledge about tidal currents  gathered by generations of Fishermen? The FURU wreck bears several similarities to that of the Bonhomme, but there remains insufficient proof. Meanwhile the wreck is protected under UK legislation, the position is shown here :

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