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During our seashore visit to Filey Brigg on 21st July, there were a few interesting things to be found.

Seashore Sea Lettuces (Ulva spp.) and other green seaweeds in all their varieties do well when there is plenty of fresh water about. Given this years weather conditions there has been an explosion in growth on [...]

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Death on the seashore

On July 5, 2012 By

The 4th July was one of the lowest tides of the year at Filey and the seashore birds were feasting on around a dozen  velvet swimming crabs (Necora puber)  that had been left stranded on the beach near Filey Brigg. Body parts littered the beach. Several other crabs had made it to the relative safety [...]

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As you walk along from the sands onto Filey Brigg, along the side of the cliff are cut a series of numbers from 10 to 15 . These are cut into the quarried rock (Birdsall Grit) which was removed from this area from Victorian  times. There are two explanations for the numbers, one is that [...]

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A Tented Tradition

On March 21, 2012 By

The photograph shows two bell tents pitched on the field near St Oswald’s Church in Late Victorian Times.  There is no longer a caravan there and Scarborough Council now use Strimmers rather than Scythes but otherwise the view is largely unchanged.

Weather Permitting we will be pitching our Tipi Tented Classroom on Saturday 7th April, [...]

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The Sleuth Hound was a small steam trawler of 150 tons owned by the Humber Steam Trawling Company. On the 27th October 1897 she was homeward bound for Hull in a thick fog when she ran into the end of Spittals on Filey Brigg . All the crew were saved. When the Filey Brigg Research [...]

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