The directors of the newly formed Discover Filey Development Trust are working with Scarborough Borough Council towards asset transfer of an area of  land on Filey’s Country Park, to build a new ‘eco-build’  centre for our community and visitors. Our vision is to :

‘Build a centre of excellence which will reconnect the community to our heritage and environment’.

Filey has a rich and diverse heritage and considerable natural assets which are still poorly understood and appreciated. The centre will be a place for interpretation, education and appreciation. It will also be a community resource for all, facilitating outdoor pursuits, walking, running, nature tourism,  cycling, sailing, bird watching and other environmentally based activities. A vital function will simply be as a place to sit, chat and enjoy the magnificent views across the Country Park and Filey Bay.

Based firmly on Filey’s history and traditional values, the centre will act as a catalyst for the growth of a vibrant local economy and environment, attracting business entrepreneurs to the area, providing training in 21st century jobs  and improving employment prospects.  We have a clear vision but there is much to be done and we need  and welcome your input, feedback, ideas and participation.

Please consider dropping in to rooms 21 and 22 of the Evron Centre on Saturday 10th November 2012, between 10am and 4pm. We hope to be able to show you some concept plans of the centre, prepared by Native Architects of York, who have kindly assisted us with some ‘pro bono’ work. There will also be an opportunity to see work already achieved by our partner groups. Entry will be free and refreshments will be available.

Finally we would like to thank Filey Town Council and the European LEADER CWWW programme for assisting and encouraging us in delivering this project.




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