Our ‘Ow’t for Now’t ‘  event proved popular on 1st August with our Yorkshire visitors, as Discover Filey volunteers showed passing visitors trays of edible seaweed and shellfish that can be found locally. We must admit to a certain ‘tongue in cheek’ approach to our local seafood cuisine and our emphasis is always on conservation and support of our local fishermen and seafood outlets. Even a Yorkshireman can afford the price of a fresh Filey Bay ‘dressed crab’. So much less hassle than catching it, boiling and preparing it yourself. We prepared a leaflet for the day about shellfish: Filey shellfish .

The volunteers at our seafront location were busy all morning,  until yet again we had a period of rain during the afternoon. More than 100 leaflets were handed out and there were several enquiries as to whether we would consider a ‘survival course’ based on marine cuisine. ‘Not yet’ is the answer, but as the Eurozone falters this is always an option.

Our local radio presenter Barry Robinson of the internet radio station Bryl-radio.com paid a visit. Thanks Barry and Scarborough Council staff for all your support.

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