This exciting and innovative play area was opened in August 2011 to complement the existing children’s play area and other facilities in the Country Park. Its design is based on the “natural play” philosophy, where equipment blends into the surrounding landscape and young people are provided with a more challenging and imaginative experience than is offered by ordinary swings and roundabouts. Features include:

  • A giant jungle climbing frame centrepiece , with lofty timbers and walkways above a scramble of nets and ropes. Dare you reach the top?
  • Exciting tyre swings
  • Fun obstacles – totem pole trees for climbing -  a rotating beam to balance along,  – a stilt walk to wobble – an intertwine walk to weave through.
  • A range of sculptures that artist Dan Watson developed with local children from Filey Junior School.
  •  Tree trunk snakes lie in the long grass and a small flock of English oak sheep patiently wait.
  •  Seats and picnic tables for your comfort, and bike racks to secure your cycles.
  •  Native rose and shrub planting adds to the surrounds and can fill the air with a sweet fragrance on a sunny day.

The whole play area cost over £100,000 to construct, which was provided from Scarborough Borough Council and Playbuilder through North Yorkshire County Council. The Mayor of Filey, Councillor Richard Walker, officially opened the new play area on 14 August 2011, and it has been enjoyed by many people, young and old, ever since. Why not pay a visit yourself?

Adapted from Filey Town Guide 2012 with permission



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