Lion's Mane JellyfishThe beautiful Lions Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) is an occasional visitor to Filey Bay between June and September. Most of our other visiting jellyfish don’t sting. This One does and has white thread like stinging tentacles that stretch our a few metres from the main animal. The main body can be about 50cm across but can grow to more than a metre. Sometimes Lion’s manes are washed up on the shore and look like a translucent balloon with reddish brown tentacles attached. If you see one, don’t touch.


Lion's Mane Top ViewIn the very unlikely event that you are stung a good remedy is to immerse the affected part in water which is as hot as you can stand. This coagulates the stingers and prevents them from working.  Some other remedies such as vinegar can make things worse. Each sting is like a little harpoon in it’s own box and irritants trigger them even more.

Despite their downsides these animals are magnificent , just remember not to go near the tentacles.

Discover Filey takes no responsibility for the advice given about treating stings, although in our experience it works. If you are stung please seek qualified medical advice from a first aider or doctor. The effect of a sting is similar to that of a nettle sting, but large areas of stings on the body can be dangerous and rarely there can be a really bad reaction to them if you have an allergy or are particularly sensitive.


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