The above Video shows a Filey Motor Coble, launching and retrieval in 2005. Since then the numbers of Coble’s have declined and there are now less than a handful. It is almost impossible to imagine Filey without its Cobles. Every year thousands of Visitors gather to watch them return with their catch. Hundreds of artists, photographers and school children, draw them, photograph them and even measure them.

Maintaining these boats is a major effort, although fishing is relatively good at the moment, less boats means a greater share to be paid towards a tractor and driver for launching. Another problem is that the existing boats are nearing the end of their usual working lives and may eventually require expensive major refurbishment. A final death blow could be increasingly complicated fisheries legislation.

It is vital that our local fishermen are given the resources and space to continue this tradition, which is at the very heart of our local heritage. A recent television series featuring Monty Hall’s A fisherman’s apprentice, accurately describes the plight of our inshore fishermen.

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