A CobleLess than a handful remain of the beach launched Filey Coble, a wooden fishing boat of clinker built construction. It is possible that within the next ten years, they may disappear altogether, a sad loss to the town. The remaining fishermen continue a proud heritage of a sustainable beach launched fishery, working through the early hours and making massive efforts to launch and maintain these magnificent boats.

The motor coble of today, is a larger version and adaptation of the sailing coble, with a tunnel built around a former built beneath the hull to take a propeller shaft. Filey Cobles have been designed to be launched from an open beach and their design, with a high bow, reflects this role. Years of skill is required to launch and handle these boats safely and in the wrong hands they can have a tendency to broach in a large following sea.

Filey Cobles are often compared to the Viking Longboat, to which they have a passing resemblance. There may be some connection, but there are large differences in their construction. As with most boat design, the requirements for boats operating in similar conditions tends to result in boats of similar appearance.

In 1995 the late Design Engineer G. Briggs took detailed drawings of the Filey Coble ‘Pilot Me’, which was later burnt on Filey Beach. The drawing is copyright, but can be used with permission for private non commercial purposes for making models or even better a full scale boat.

Coble Pilot Me

Coble Pilot Me - G. Briggs

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