Carr Naze Long distance footpath marker

Carr Naze Long distance footpath marker

Stretching in a great arc, between the rocks of Filey Brigg to the North and the white cliffs of Flamborough to the South, are the Villages of Reighton, Speeton,  Bempton and Flamborough. Behind Filey Bay are the beautiful pastoral villages of Hunmanby and Muston. Each area has it’s own variety of wildlife.

In Filey itself are the nature reserves of Filey Parish Woods, North Cliff and ‘The Dams‘ an important wetlands habitat, which regularly attracts exotic migrants, weary from their long flights.

The Lord of the Manor of Hunmanby once administered Filey, which was once a small fishing village. Muston, home of the famous scarecrow festival has its own unique heritage. Further inland is the neolithic settlement of Star Carr. Poised on the high cliffs, Speeton, Buckton and Benpton are interesting places to visit, Benpton is the home of the RSPB reserve.

The Town of Filey has a fascinating history. The award winning and accredited Filey Museum is a must see for School visits and families, with a ‘hand on’ approach and simple but clear displays. Learn about our fishing history, rural events and Filey the premiere Victorian Resort, visited by Royalty, national poets, world famous musicians and authors such as Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens.

‘Quaint’ is not an expression that could ever be applied to Filey’s dynamic and fascinating past. Even our fishermen were at the cutting edge of Victorian Marine Conservation.