Coble landing beached vessels

Coble landing beached vessels - courtesy Filey Museum

In a   record of rents written some time in the period between 1820 and 1830 the Lord of the manor at Hunmanby received fees totalling £156 sixteen shillings and fourpence for the rights of ‘groundage of vessel on delivery of cargo’ at Filey. This total far exceeded that from the Manor’s other recorded rental income. Beaching fees were set at 4 shillings for each vessel, which would suggest that nearly eight hundred vessels beached at Filey and discharged cargo during the course of one year.

In the age of small sailing ships, such beachings, particularly of small cargo vessels appear to have been common.  The above photograph, probably taken in the late nineteenth century,  shows a ‘grounded’ yawl with two small ‘salmon cobles’ beached further ashore. In the foreground is a small beam trawl.

Information transcribed by K Wilkie from a document provided by J. Crimlisk

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