Coble at Sunrise Coble Landing

Coble at Sunrise Coble Landing

Death was ever present in the lives of Filey Fishing Families, In October  1880 alone, eight men died in a storm:

Drowned from yawl Sarah  was Thomas Cowling aged 30yrs

with William Mason aged aged 32yrs

Richard Richardson snr  aged 55yrs and his son Richard aged 24yrs

plus James  Wyville 33yrs;

John Cammish Crompton aged 29yrs;

 Ross Jenkinson aged 38yrs

 Francis Haxby aged 23yrs  all drowned from the yawls Eliza, and  the Sarah,


Thomas Cowling, William Mason, both left wives and 2 young children each

Richard Richardson jnr left a grieving wife and 6wks old baby

Richard Richardson snr left a bereaved wife and mother plus 2 sons and a daughter

James Wyvill left a bereaved wife and 2 young sons

Francis Haxby aged 23rd drowned as had his father some 20 yrs  previously

Ross Jenkinson left a widow Eliza and who went on to live with a niece for very many years.

John Cammish Crompton left a widow and 3 surviving children


Jane Cowling’s bereavement Card is in Filey Museum and reads thus:

“I cannot stand beside his grave – For he sleeps in the open sea

And not one single whispering wave will tell the place to me.

But though unseen by mortal eyes – Tho’ humans know it not.

His Father knoweth where he lies   – And Angels guard the spot!”

From information provided by Kath Wilkie

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