Thanks to Native Architects and a lot of volunteer effort, especially by the Filey Underwater Rersearch Unit and Filey Bay Initiative, ┬áthe open day for public consultation about the proposed ‘Filey Country Park’ centre went well. We had around 200 visitors and sixty of them filled in our questionnaire. The response was entirely positive and we had a number of really good suggesstions which can be incorporated into the project. Thanks to everybody who participated. We will be holding a board meeting this week and will soon start the next phase of grant applications.

We would still appreciate your comments on the plans which can be found as a pdf file in an earlier news item on this website. When you are looking at the plans please be aware that at this stage they are concepts only and may be altered as the project proceeds. This includes the name Filey Beacon which is similar to that of the Beacon Holiday apartments in Filey .

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