Panorama of Filey Country Park and Brigg

On November 10th 2012 . Concept drawings and plans of the proposed centre were shown to the public and we would like to thank the Architects, Native Architects of York for the superb job they have made of realising the Vision for us:

Creating a centre of excellence to connect communities to our environment and heritage. We received more than 150 comments and feedback some of which is likely to be incorporated into the centre when it is built. For the latest update in the progress of this and our other work, read our 2013 annual parish report: Filey Council annual report

The plans can be downloaded by clicking on  Filey Country Park Centre (3Mb size file) 

We would really appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions,  in person, by commenting on this posting,by our contact form or on  Twitter. The plans are conjectural at this stage and the name Filey Beaconwill not be used for the completed project to avoid confusion with the Beacon Holiday Apartments at Filey


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