mercury 3 Renault Engine

mercury 3 with Renault Engine (Fisher Crimlisk Archives)

On December the 6th 1911, Hubert Oxley, trainer at Filey Flying School,  took the Mercury III up with Mr Robert Weiss as passenger. Mr Oxley was in the habit of swooping down the cliff under full power and pulling up sharply at the bottom. This time, the wings broke up and the aeroplane crashed into the beach. The aeroplane was estimated to be doing 150 mph at the time of the crash (the top speed was only 75 mph). Both pilot and passenger died.


Five more Mercury IIIs were built, but all with 50 hp engines. A Jack Brereton replaced Hubert Oxley as instructor and the Flying School moved to Hendon in late 1912.


Filey Bay Intiative – History of Aviation

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