cliff slump Wooldale Filey

In what is thought to be the early hours of Sunday 27th May, a large section of cliff between the Filey Sailing Club at Arndale and the corner of Carr Naze at Wooldale, collapsed onto the beach. It doesn’t take too much imagination to work out what might have happened to anyone sat on the sands beneath. The fall is a classic ‘rotational’ slump with a ‘tongue’ of fallen material spread across the beach.

The slumped boulder clay was deposited by ice age glaciers thousands of years ago. As the the sea washes against the base and rain washes the clay, pieces of stone and rocks in the boulder clay will be washed down the beach and gradually eroded away to make the sand which is so vital for the environment of  Filey Bay. The Filey Bay Environmental Statement explains these processes in detail.

The cliff face is still very unstable  and there will be further changes in the days and weeks to come .


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