Filey Country park stands at the junction of two long distance walks, the Cleveland Way (110 miles) and Yorkshire Wolds Way (79 miles). The section of the Cleveland Way between Filey and Scarborough is around 8 miles in length and easy walking. The directions are simple. Enter Filey Country Park, Walk up to the footpath marker and turn left, walking along the cliff edge. A short distance along the walk is the ‘rocket pole field’, where there is a prominent white painted pole with climbing steps. An information plaque states that the pole was used for practice the local ‘rocket rescue’ group but there is some indication it was actually used for actual rescues from ships stranded underneath the cliffs nearby.

As the walk continues it is possible to spot the remains of one of the cliff side lime kilns that used to be situated in the area of Gristhorpe. At one time small cranes were constructed to lift limestone from the beach for use in the kilns. In the area near Gristhorpe are the extensive reef of  Horse rocks. Ships up to the present day have been  wrecked here, in fog , or when their skippers have miscalculated the distance required to clear them.

On the approach to Cayton Bay, on the North side of the bay, are the houses of Knipe Point, which are victims of the cliff slumps which are a constant feature of the boulder clay on this part of the Yorkshire Coast. The walk concludes with a gentle descent to the Spa Complex and Scarborough’s South Bay.


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