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Death on the seashore

On July 5, 2012 By

The 4th July was one of the lowest tides of the year at Filey and the seashore birds were feasting on around a dozen  velvet swimming crabs (Necora puber)  that had been left stranded on the beach near Filey Brigg. Body parts littered the beach. Several other crabs had made it to the relative safety [...]

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The Purple Sandpiper ( Calidris maritima )  is a shorebird that can be found overwintering at Filey Brigg. This small bird breeds on the Artic Tundra, although 1 -3 pairs have bred in the Cairngorm National Park since the 1970′s.

The presence of Purple Sandpipers and it’s local geology, is the reason why Filey Brigg [...]

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