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As you walk along from the sands onto Filey Brigg, along the side of the cliff are cut a series of numbers from 10 to 15 . These are cut into the quarried rock (Birdsall Grit) which was removed from this area from Victorian  times. There are two explanations for the numbers, one is that [...]

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Filey Brigg Ancient Quarry

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Filey Brigg has been used as a quarry since ancient times. The 4th Century Roman Signal station was built from Filey Brigg Stone. Parts of Bridlington Priory and other churches in the area were also built using the same material. The Chartulary of Bridlington Priory contains this contract dated 1230:

GRANT by Ralph de Neuill [...]

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The Spittals  are on the South side of Filey Brigg. Local Tradition has it that they are a Roman Pier but since the 1920′s a dispute has arisen about whether they are natural or man made. The Spittals is a spectacular structure, it is 600 metres long with only the first third exposed at very [...]

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