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On Thursday 5th July we were visited by 45 Children in two groups from a Leeds area Primary School. The day was humid but suprisingly good. The groups had a limited time in Filey but we were able to show them fossils, seashore shells, a live starfish and our resident  shore crab who is thriving [...]

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Launching a Filey Coble Video

On March 17, 2012 By

The above Video shows a Filey Motor Coble, launching and retrieval in 2005. Since then the numbers of Coble’s have declined and there are now less than a handful. It is almost impossible to imagine Filey without its Cobles. Every year thousands of Visitors gather to watch them return with their catch. Hundreds of [...]

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Fishing in the Snow

On February 10, 2012 By

The above photograph shows a group of three fishermen gathered on coble landing, late in the last century. A crew of three was usual for Coble fishing and it is probable that they had just returned from a fishing trip or were setting out.  The settled period after snow would have offered good conditions for [...]

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Last Days of the Filey Coble?

On January 28, 2012 By

Less than a handful remain of the beach launched Filey Coble, a wooden fishing boat of clinker built construction. It is possible that within the next ten years, they may disappear altogether, a sad loss to the town. The remaining fishermen continue a proud heritage of a sustainable [...]

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Flying Kite Surfers of Filey

On January 1, 2012 By

When the conditions are right, the waves a little rough and the wind is in the right direction , Filey is an excellent site for Kite Surfers but appears to be relatively undiscovered. Check out the North East Kite Surfing Site. . There are safety issues when there are large numbers of people [...]

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