The Five mile walk from Filey to Speeton is best started as the tide is going out. There are access points to the beach at Primrose Valley, The Bay, Hunmanby Gap, Reighton Gap and Speeton so being caught out by the tide is more a matter of inconvenience than safety. There is also a cliff footpath from Filey to Primrose Valley. The owner of ‘The Bay’ development has closed public access to the cliff top.  Walking along this beach is a perfect opportunity for quiet exercise and contemplation, by yourself or with a pet or the family.

Points of interest are the flotsam and jetsam found on any beach and the  Fossils in the cliff to be found in the area of Reighton and Speeton. Reighton is where the fossilised bones of a plesiosaur were found, They are currently displayed in the Rotunda Museum at Scarborough. All kinds of things can be found stranded on the beach, from the occasional dead sea creature to bizarre items such as funeral urns used to scatter ashes. There is also the possibility of discovering disposed flares or chemicals. The obvious safety information applies here, don’t approach or mess with any suspicious items, make a careful note of the position and inform the local coastguard. A last safety message is that the cliffs are unstable so care is needed.

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