Velvet Crab on shore

Velvet Crab on shore

Filey Brigg has always been a traditional area for local anglers and fishermen to gather bait. This kind of activity is time honoured , the problem is that in recent years, more and more pressure has been put on Filey Brigg’s environment. Professional gangs have appeared, who pick the area clear of velvet swimming crabs .

Why take a crab home in a small bucket, where it will probably quietly expire in the back seat of your car?

If you do decide to let your child gather crabs, please be aware that there is a minimum ‘landing size’ for both edible and velvet crabs. You could be breaking the law and be subject to a heavy fine if checked. Staff from the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, can and do carry out stop checks locally.Please check out their website for more information.

Our local groups subscribe to the seashore code. Filey Brigg is an important resource for our local anglers,fishermen,  school groups and families enjoying the gentle pastime of rockpooling. Please treat it’s wildlife with respect. The velvet crab can fight back , another name for it is the ‘devil crab’ . All the photographs below are taken locally.:

Minimum Landing Size of  local shellfish as of Dec 2011 see North Eastern IFCA site

LOBSTER (Homarus gammarus) 87 mm

EDIBLE CRAB (Cancer pagurus) 130 mm

VELVET CRAB (Necora puber) 65 mm

SPIDER CRAB (Maia squinado) 120 mm

MUSSEL (Mytilus edulis) 51 mm

RAZOR CLAM (Ensis spp) 10 cm


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