Bleriot Aeroplane at Filey

Bleriot Aeroplane at Filey (Courtesy Fisher Crimlisk Archives)

It looks as if the well-tried stretch of hard sand on Filey Beach will become a regular practising ground for flyers. Mr J.W.F. Tranmer, having obtained formal permission
from the Filey Urban District Council for its use, is pushing ahead with his plans. He writes us upon this subject as follows :–




“ The beach at Filey extends four miles, and when the tide is out there is nearly a quarter of a mile in width. The  sands are generally smooth and hard. On my J.A.P. motorcycle I have done 46 m.p.h. per Cowey speedometer, and with my 20-h.p. Vulcan car have done 35 m.p.h. with six men up.
“This will show you what Filey sands are like. A splendid site is being prepared for sheds, a proper slipway from the sands, 12 yds wide, is being made, and an approach road from the land side half a mile long for motor cars is being constructed. I intend to put up two large sheds at present, and am prepared to let one of them for short periods to other experimenters like myself.”

Flight June 18th 1910

From research by Filey Bay Initiative – Aviation History

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